Snegurochka: perfect paper
for your daily office printing.

Average paper Снегурочка

Excellent whiteness

The paper is made from virgin fibre and
uses ECF technology. It guarantees a white
and bright sheet.

Average paper Снегурочка

Long-term storage

For paper production, we use only wood free
cellulose fibres, that ensure the long-term
protection of the paper's optical, physical
and chemical characteristics.

GOST R ISO 9706-2000
(long-term storage)

Average paper Снегурочка

Reliable packaging

Our paper is perfect for long-term warehouse
storage. It is wrapped in special water resistant
combined material that protects it during
transportation and storage.

It will keep in its original packaging without loss of quality.

Average paper Снегурочка

Ecologically friendly bleaching

Our paper is bleached without the application
of elementary chlorine. Ozone is used in the
bleaching process. The paper is certified
according to environmental standards
ISO 14001.

Average paper Снегурочка

High opacity

The paper opacity indicators of Snegurochka
meet national standard GOST R 57641-2017
which is vital for two-sided printing.

Opacity is 91%

Long-term protection of equipment

Your equipment will last longer with our
high-quality paper. Excellent runnability means
smooth printing, shorter downtime periods,
less wear and tear and the stable operation of equipment.

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