We are chosen

Universal Paper Reference

Due to its high quality, Snegurochka paper was the first in Russia to be certified according to GOST R 57641-2017 “Xerographic paper for office equipment”.
We are chosen

“Snegurochka” - impeccable whiteness
for printing all documents!

Excellent whiteness

The paper is made from virgin fibre and
uses ECF technology. It guarantees a white
and bright sheet.

Long-term storage

When producing paper, we use exclusively cellulose fiber. Thanks to the quality of the raw materials, your documents are less susceptible to yellowing and deformation even after long-term storage.

Reliable packaging

Paper can be stored in your company’s warehouse for a long time, as it is packaged in a special dense material that does not allow moisture to pass through. Packages of paper will remain intact and dry after long-distance transportation and long-term storage.

Ecologically friendly bleaching

We bleach paper not with chlorine, but with ozone. You can be sure of your safety when you pick up the “Snow Maiden” sheet. Our products are certified to environmental standards ISO 14001.

High opacity

You can use double-sided printing on “Snow Maiden” paper. The sheet of paper “Snow Maiden” is thick and white. The opacity of our paper meets the requirements of the national standard GOST R57641-2017.

Long-term protection
of equipment

Printers and copiers do not jam or curl sheets paper "Snow Maiden". The equipment operates stably, without downtime or problems. Excellent permeability of the sheet is ensured by the latest technologies and high-quality raw materials during production.

Where to buy?

Our products are available at Komus, Officemag, Relief, Farm, Finsib and many others.