Mondi Green Range: quality and sustainability

Green Range is an umbrella trademark of Mondi that unites ecologically pure sorts of paper and cardboard issued by the company. It contains paper and cardboard developed for natural resources preservation and waste reduction, it has ecological certificates recognized by the whole world and includes all uncoated polygraphic sorts of paper and office paper Snegurochka.

All products of Green Range line are made without application of chlorine (TCF) from wood with FSC certificate (Forest Stewardship Certification) or PEFC (Program of Forest Certification Schemes) received from sustainably managed forests or waste paper. Choosing paper from the Green Range, customers make their contribution into environment improvement.

Green Range differs from other products of Mondi by several indicators.

Green Range cardboard of smaller mass has excellent technical characteristics and allows getting products with better “item-package” correlation. Employees of Mondi research center managed to get competitive sorts of packaging cardboard which production requires 20% less of raw materials. Besides reduction of prime cost, these sorts are lighter, more convenient and create less waste.

Annually in the world one third of all food products is lost or thrown away. In number of countries reduction of food waste is a crucial factor that influences compliance with international obligations on greenhouse gases emission reduction. To solve these problems within Green Range line Mondi developed a series of innovations, including secondary hermetic sealing and antibacterial coatings that prolong storage period of food products.

Optimization of material use and usage of ecologically pure methods of production help the company save natural resources – primary cellulose and pure water. It also tries to use as a raw material up to 100% of paper waste keeping high quality and safety of its products at the same time.

All forest lands that Mondi owns or rents in Russia and South Africa, in general about 2,1 mln ha, are certified according to FSC standard, and wood and cellulose Mondi buys come from ecologically sustainable forests with certificates of FSC, PEFC or FSC Controlled Wood. Instead of each cut tree, we plant at least one new tree. Thus, the company plants about 32 mln trees per year.

Biodegradability – is an important ecological characteristic. It means the product is suitable for different types of recycling. Biodegradable products can be sent to industrial composting, during which waste is turned into valuable humus.

Mondi strives to produce ecologically efficient products with maximal possible reduction of waste and emissions to the environment. According to accepted standards Mondi measures carbon footprint of all its paper mills and of each certain paper type or cardboard from Green Range line. Some products of Green Range, like Color Copy, NAUTILUS SuperWhite and the whole range of paper for high speed inkjet printing are offered with neutral emission of carbon dioxide.

Thus all products of Mondi Green Range are produced on sustainable basis and help paper and cardboard consumers reduce impact of their production on environment along the whole delivery chain and reach set goals in the field of ecological safety.

Commitment of Mondi to sustainable development many times was recognized by the world community. The company received the Environmental Paper Awards 2016 from the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) in nominations: “Transparency”  – for placing in WWF database information about impact of 92% of Mondi brands of uncoated white papers on climate, forest and water ecosystems; and “Striving for continuous improvement” – for pro-active approach in determining impact of Mondi packaging paper on climate, water and forest resources with the help of WWF method called “Check your paper”. 32 positions of uncoated white paper produced by Mondi became the best in nomination “Paper brands with the best ecological indexes”.

In 2013 Mondi Syktyvkar was noted by the All-Russian Award for ecological safety and ecological management and by National Forest Award Lesprom for ecological strategy of the year.  Office paper NAUTILUS SuperWhite produced by 100% from recycled material received the Environmental Paper Awards 2012 as the best ecologically pure paper. Then Mondi Group also received the PPI Awards for the best ecological strategy.

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