How to enlarge period of service of office printer

Some simple advices will help you to enlarge this period for several more years. Taking into account the cost of office equipment this economy is not undue.   

If we speak about inkjet printers, their most vulnerable part is, for sure, the printing head. It requires special attention due to frequent problem – constipation of nozzle with dried ink.

It can happen because of two reasons: ink of bad quality and rare use of printing device.

Dirty nozzles lead to printer breaks: lines during printing, unclear text and blurred image. Many modern inkjet printers and multi-functional devices have utilities for nozzles washing. It happens via imitating printing regime.  

There is one more important rule, if you follow it inkjet printer will work longer. You should change cartridge straight when ink is finished. It’s not good to take cartridge away for a long time, it’s better to put new one immediately when you’ve taken away the old one. If you decide to implement the system of continuous ink feeding it’s better to ask for professional help. The same is true in case of its filling.

Owners of laser printers and multi-functional devices often shake cartridges in case of printing deterioration, so that toner is evenly distributed inside the cartridge and it prolongs its service term. Be careful – toner can pour out of processing pocket and dirty the printer. It’ll be hard to wash it away.  

Bear in mind that it’s not enough to clean dust only from the printer surface. At least once in three months it’s necessary to clean internal details with special solution. Remember that any machines and their components have service life. Part of them may be replaced on your own, but it’s better to address special service center.


How does paper influence printer operation?

Quality of paper significantly influences durability of any equipment operation. If you save money on paper you can pay much more for repairs or replacement of printing device and, of course, it will impact printing quality.

For inkjet printers and multi-functional devices producers offers special paper, that is resilient to moisture and allows ink quickly fix on paper and keep vividness. Quality of double-side printing is higher on non-transparent paper with smooth surface. The higher is whiteness the better is quality of image.

Check technical characteristics of your device. It states the scale of paper thickness that is suitable. Too thick paper can also be harmful for printer like too thin one. Don’t use wrinkled sheets – they can stick in the printing mechanism and spoil its work or even break it.

It’s good to know that paper characteristics can be influenced by humidity and temperature, so paper should be stored under certain conditions: temperature of 18-22 degrees and relative humidity of 40–50%. Under higher humidity paper sheets swell up, under less curl up. As a result paper can stuck in the printer and there will be problems with toner position and so on.

It’s better to open packages one by one when it’s necessary. Do not leave sheets of paper in printers, faxes and other devices without protection for a long time. Moisture and dust negatively impact paper quality.

Following all these simple rules you can significantly prolong service life of any machines in the office and will be always content with printouts quality.

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