The Modern ‘Snegurochka’ - What is she like?

We grew up, but the belief in goodness and the need to help people around you - stayed. We can say this is a part of the Russian character. You can meet this Snowmaiden, an affable girl, always ready to support with a word and deed, in every office. She often meets the guests at the reception, acting as a hostess, making sure that everything stays where it should and the mood remains excellent. Our Snowmaiden is the office workers’ best companion. People like her are called “the soul of the company”. It’s easy to talk to her, she is caring, positive, attentive, and practical at the same time.

The paper that we named Snowmaiden has all of the qualities of a kind companion with a Russian soul. She always stands by you and will never let you down. You can trust Snowmaiden with your most important documents, even after many years they will stay as clear as if they’ve just come out of the printer. This paper doesn’t get torn or dull and it also saves the office’s budget.

An important detail for the image of our Snowmaiden – The Russian kokoshnik, a fine accessory which is back in fashion after the World Cup that took place in our country recently. Despite the fact that our Snowmaiden doesn’t melt in summer, unlike the fairytale heroine - her natural environment is winter. That’s why we’ve added an original “frosty ornament” pattern to our paper’s branding. Our heroine cares about nature, which is proved by the certificates on the paper’s wrapping, which were provided by leading international ecology organizations.

Just as we know the fairytale Snowmaiden from our childhood - our clients, who chose Snowmaiden for their offices, will also stay with her for years.

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